Adidas - Watch Me Create

feat. Marcelo / Bale

We were contacted by the fellas at BR London to create this 1 minute film for Adidas. Real Madrid's stars Marcelo and Bale delivered some great acting skills, while we created the surrounding 3D animation and environment.

Brand: Adidas

Client: BR London

Art direction : MDN

3D Animation: MDN & Daniel Medina


The idea of having two of the most representative players from Real Madrid, Marcelo & Gareth Bale, to create something unexpected, way beyond real life possibilities. Marcelo shows off some hidden magics by elevating soccer balls from the floor only the power of his hands, while Bale proves his shot’s skills not only on the pitch but also on a tennis table.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 14.26.30.png


Here one of the early ‘hardware’ style frames created for client, representing Marcelo’s magic from different point of views. We created the environment before getting the raw footage from shoot, and result was luckily quite close to the actual real sizes of both player and spheres.

BR_Adidas_Ident 1_STFR 15.jpg


Some nice little features such as BR London logo applied to the tennis table ball, as well as on the final coffee cup.

Style frames created for Bale’s table tennis ball :

3D integration of Marcelo’s magic :

Bale’s making of shots :

Final style frames from the TVC :

The Film :