Open 2018 Live Visuals

The team at LEX asked us to take part on a big live visual package to be featured at Carnoustie for the annual Open of golf, 2018.
The visuals were broadcast on a 20x5m installation, and suddenly became one of the main reference for the customers during the event. The project included a whole graphic development for informational purpose (event, players and tournament live informations).

Event : Open 2018

Live brand : NTT DATA

Client : LEX

3D concept, development and animation : MDN


Teaser for the 2018 NTT Data Golf event @ Open 2018 in Carnoustie, Scotland.

Visual Language

Style frames : from initial concept to final executions.



Above an example of CG shots that has been used to inform people about live stats, ranking, player info and more. The idea was to recreate in ‘miniature-style’ the Carnoustie golf course (Scotland).

We managed to grab informations from all over the place and recreate the 3D environment in C4D : from terrain, to golf course (par, boogie seaside, Carnoustie building) and extra surrounding elements (trees and tribunes.
The scale relation within environment and golf ball was the main feature of the miniature look; we also decided to revamp previous years existing colour palette and add a digital / neon touch to it : we picked 3 vibrant colours (red, yellow, light / electric blue) to represent 3d interactive panels inside the CG environments.
The goal was to have these panels (which hold the live graphics) interacting with the 3d elements and give a sense of the actual physical space that surrounded the 20x5m screen.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 23.04.15.png

3D Terrain

Above an example of terrain we built in 3D from simple maps grabbed form Google and Arcgis map.


Live stats update

The live stats were developed internally at LEX based on our initial 2D language proposal .