Zee Media works

Zee Media asked me to work on the upcoming channel rebrand of Zee TV, the main broadcast channel of ZEE Media Enterprises, which is the broadcast leader in India.
I came up with the idea of deconstructing the pre-existing logo and play with simple geometric shapes interacting with each other, while using a pastel-like palette, a sort of puzzle-game to play with for the main logo ident.

ZEE TV Channel Rebrand

Art direction proposal for Zee TV Channel rebrand, 2017

Board_Frames b.jpg

EZ MALL Channel Rebrand

Art direction and animation work for Zee, 2017

Ez Mall Ident 1_FR01.jpg


Zee asked us also to work on another project the following year : EZ Mall Tv.

It’s a TV channel mainly focused on selling products from different glamour brands, and works predominantly online, relying on a big visibility through the many Zee channels promotions. The idea was to re-create a serie of miniature boutiques to represent each category.

Main Ident :